How Every Student in a College Exam Scored 100 Without Taking the Test

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Learn how every student scored a 100 in a college exam without taking the test.

Talk about collaboration.

Three classes of students from Johns Hopkins University boycotted their final exam and every one of them received a score of one hundred.

Professor Peter Fröhlich uses a grading curve, which makes the highest score that a student in each class earns one hundred percent, and all of the other tests are graded relative to that score.

Since everyone in his three computer programming classes boycotted the exam, they all got zero percent, which translated in the grading scale system to everyone getting one hundred percent.

The students organized the boycott using social media and spreadsheet planning to ensure that all of the students were on board with the plan.

The students waited outside the classroom until their professor gave up.

Professor Fröhlich has changed his grading scale so that it everyone gets zero points, then that means they all get a zero.

Organizing three classes to boycott a test is one thing, but over 50 thousand teachers in India have banded together to boycott all state university and college exam related work.

A local teachers organization announced the boycott because their demands have not been met by the state government.