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    Unusual Travel Brochure Uses Disguised Curse Words

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A travel brochure contains a blunt curse.

    Travel brochures usually contain family-friendly quotes and professional photos.

    Well, Geckos Adventures released a new travel pamphlet for backpacking tours that might surprise some folks.

    In trying to make the material interesting to the targeted audience, aged between 18 and 35, the company is using photos taken by actual travelers rather than utilizing standard, professional snapshots from photographers.

    Another noteworthy aspect is the company's brochure, part of which contains the F-word without any symbols disguising or lessening the shock value. A spokesperson for the tour company states “We are not trying to be controversial for controversy's sake. Our new branding has been carefully thought through to speak to our travelers openly and cutting out all the usual marketing fluff.”

    Last year, a brochure riddled with curses grabbed some attention. Urban Outfitters released a catalog right before Christmas featuring a ton of f-bombs and other profanities.

    The ad was targeted towards teenagers. Parents were outraged over the obscene phrases and products, however the younger audience appreciated the marketing approach.