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    Drunk Man on Bicycle Allegedly Tries to Strangle Police Officer

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    A drunk man allegedly tries to strangle a police officer.

    An intoxicated 24-year-old man was detained after he allegedly attempted to strangle a police officer.

    It all began when witnesses reported seeing a belligerent male cruising around on a bicycle with another man sitting on the handlebars. Officer Beth McNalley responded, finding only one man on the bike, Matthew James Tello.

    The suspect refused to get off of the cycle and repeatedly cursed at the female officer. McNally was able to get one wrist handcuffed but Tello grabbed her by the throat with his free hand restricting her breathing.

    Thankfully another cop arrived and tacked Tello to the ground and after a struggle, he was arrested. McNalley was treated at a nearby hospital and later released while Tello faces a slew of charges.

    In a similar incident, an elderly Australian man fought with bar security staff before punching a bouncer. Officers immediately responded to the scene and claimed the man appeared to be 'agitated'.
    While he was being led away by law enforcement personnel, the 90-year-old man tried to punch and kick officers. He was arrested and faced three charges of common assault.