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    PATIENT ZERO! - Arma 2: DayZ Mod - Ep.27


    by FRANKIEonPCin1080p

    Please Leave a Comment / Rating so I know which videos to continue! SEASON 1:
    Ep.1 "Sniper Killer":
    Ep.2 "Nightvision Sniper" :
    Ep.3 "Sniper Evac" :
    Ep.4 "Heli Theft":
    Ep.5 "Operation Ghillie":
    Ep.6 "Death by Hacks":
    Ep.6.5 "Run Rabbit Run":
    Ep.7 "Bear Trap Hero" :
    Ep.8 "Heli vs Heli":
    Ep.9 "Lingor Island":
    Ep.10 "Chopper Rescue":
    Ep.11 "Gun Shop":
    Ep.12 "New Beginnings":
    Ep.13 "Death by Bambi":
    Ep.14 "Taken":
    Ep.15: "Convoy":
    Ep.16: "Fight for Life":
    Ep.17: "Revenge":
    Ep.18: "Lost on Namalsk":
    Ep.19: "Alien Superweapon":
    Ep.20: "Taviana":
    Ep.21: "Bambi Signal":
    Ep.22: "Left 4 Dead":
    Ep.23: "BiPlane":
    Ep.24: "Hunted":
    Ep.25: "Finding Pinky":
    Ep.26: "Salvation City":
    Ep.27: "Patient Zero": --You Are Here!--

    Patient Zero...our only hope for a cure.

    Music composed by Ryan Taubert:

    Many thanks for Karwin Leutscher for creating the cinematics needed:

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