Aaron Paul Talks 'Need For Speed'

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Breaking Bad star, Aaron Paul talk about the new videogame to movie adaptation, Need For Speed. Now if you're a gamer, you probably have a lot to say about this and we definitely want to hear your feedback, and if you're not a gamer and are bored at this whole race car idea, just wait for it because Aaron Paul says that its not just a car film. He said quote Need For Speed is going to surprise everybody...There's no actual narrative in the game, it's just superfast cars with the point of view of the driver: his point of view as his car blasts around. And, of course, cops chasing them. It's just plain make-believe, pure imagination -- it's really, truly a blank canvas using really incredible supercars." Well, the blank canvas isn't so blank beause we do know a little about the plot. The story will be centered around street racer, Tobey Marshall who gets into a business deal with a car supplier Dino, who will be played by Dominic Cooper, with Marshal ultimately being framed for the death of his friend during a race. Need For Speed will be directed by Scott Waugh and overseen by Steven Spielberg, which seems like a pretty successful team so far, but I want to know what you guys think about this adaptation. Are there any hardcore Need For Speed fans that are excited about this? Or, are there any fans who HATE this idea? Talk to us down in that comments section, and make sure you have sub'd to our channel so we can personally deliver your movie fix to you everyday. Until the next video, Im Erin White, and I will see you right here again next time.