IDOL CAP- 'American Idol' Sudden Death 12x11 Recap: Amber Holcomb, Kree Harrison Shine

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Last night on American Idol we were introduced to a brand new round on the show- Sudden Death. Hey guys thanks for tuning back in to ClevverMusic here's your Idol Cap! There are currently forty contestants left on 'American Idol' and the latest episode saw the first ten girls perform, in the first ever Sudden Death round in front of a live audience in Las Vegas. The ten hopefuls sang for their life and only five moved on. The contestants were allowed to choose any song they wanted, in any category, and we saw a lot of ballads and country hit the stage. As far as the judges, Nicki loved commented on all the gal's outfits and Mariah loved complained about having to judge last every time.

Standout performances from the ten girls that sang last night included 17-year-old Shubha Vedula who sang an interesting version of Lady Gaga's "Edge of Glory". She started at the piano and then kicking it up a notch dancing around the stage in a sassy performance and one of the only upbeat songs of the night. Judge Nicki compared her to the "Gangnam Style guy" saying it was a confusing performance and similarly the rest of the judges felt the performance was odd.

Next, judge favorite contestant Kree Harrison sang Patty Griffin's "Up to the Mountain" which was not shockingly a big hit with the panel, check it out. Keith said afterwards, "you are a natural born singer" and Nicki explained, "every time you sing a song you make love to the song." Woah- we think that's a good thing and it's likely she will go far in the competition.

The best technical vocal performances of the night was returning contestant Amber Holcomb, who shocked us all with her amazing vibrato and emerged as a new standout. She chose to sing "My Funny Valentine" here's a peek.

The judges commended her technical skills but worry about her personality shining through the TV. Mariah said "I wanted to smack you... it was that good." Easy there Mariah, some people might not take that the way it was intended. So which five girls made it through? Tenna Torres, Kree Harrison, Angela Miller, Amber Holcomb, and Adriana Latonio . We were surprised Isabelle said goodbye, who were you shocked to see go? Thanks for watching our Idol Cap, don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already so you don't miss any Idol news, I'm Misty Kingma see you next time guys.