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    The Horse's Mouth (1958)


    by ClassicB

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    Gridbald .
    I am really grateful to ClassicB and dailymotion for providing me with the privilege to watch this delightful film again. I first saw it in 1958 and it hasn't aged one bit.
    Terry Ritchie, three posts down, refers to a 'champion script'. Exactly, and little wonder Alec Guinness was so derisive of his lines in Star Wars!
    By Gridbald .April
    I liked the feel of the truth. I had not read the book. I saw the movie needing to be slower to catch up with the times and the passions of this artist, so that those bothered with customary politeness could fully understand what was being done.
    By DISBYDecember
    Alana Ronald
    I find Gulley Jimson far from vulgar. He is a true original, passionate, pure artist. I love Guiness, and find this the role of choice. The film respects the book, captures a spirit and work and a time and a place, not to mention characters that capture us in love and imagination. Superb! Carey, I feel, would have approved.
    By Alana RonaldLast year
    Terry Ritchie
    A really champion script and performance. A lovely, funny, in the end, very touching film.
    By Terry Ritchie2 years ago