A Russian Town Is the World's Coldest Inhabited Place

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A Russian town is said to be the coldest inhabited place on Earth.

You think it's cold where you live?

Imagine living in the town of Oymyakon, Russia where normal winter temperatures range in the minus 60s.

Thought to be the coldest inhabited place on Earth, Oymyakon is a village in Russian Siberia housing approximately 500 residents. An observer once recorded the temperature to be -89.8 degrees Fahrenheit on Feb. 6th 1933.

Christopher Burt from Weather Underground says that unofficial temperatures as cold as minus 108 degrees Fahrenheit have been measured in the quaint town.

Oymyakon is surrounded by mountains which means cold air drains down the slopes and is trapped in the valley. There is also only three hours of sunshine around the winter solstice.

Another village in Russia is disputing the title for the coldest inhabited town. Residents in Verkhoyansk, located about 600 miles away from Oymyakon, are claiming that back in 1885, the temperature in their town dropped below that.

However, an ethnographer claims the readings for Verkhoyansk may not have been accurate due to imprecise measurements .