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    Castle Behind Hay Bales Ordered to Be Demolished

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    A castle hidden behind hay bales is ordered to be demolished.

    Many castles tend to be preserved for centuries. But one seems to be destined for an alternate future.

    A farmer, Robert Fidler built a beautiful castle on his property in Surrey, United Kingdom.

    The construction began in 2001, but he kept the structure hidden behind hay bales stacked 40-feet high. In 2006, the wall of hay came down and Fidler believed he would be safe from planning rules, due to council guidelines that say homes built without permission could not be challenged if the building stood for four years or more undetected.

    However council authorities ordered the famer to demolish the four-bedroom castle in 2007 and for the past 6 years, Fidler has continuously appealed the decision. Well a government agency recently made an official ruling, ordering him to take down the beloved home.

    The report says that Fidler “set out deliberately to deceive” the council by taking measures to conceal the property so he could be exempt from planning regulations by citing the four-year rule.

    What do you say should happen to this castle - go or stay?