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    Incredible New Super Yacht Concept

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Check out the super yacht known as the Xhibitionist.

    Not all luxury yachts are made the same - some stand out right away.

    Gray Design has created a super yacht referred to as the Xhibitionist.

    The streamlined, modern boat gives off a Sci-Fi like appearance but the designers describe it as a “cleverly engineered workhorse” and “a nautical tool designed to fulfill many different roles.”

    The yacht is energy efficient, housing massive solar panels which provide power to the vessel and they are also strong enough to act as a concert stage or helipad.

    Near the stern is a beach club area, which is close to the water and the fly deck is another spot dedicated to relaxation with a luxury Jacuzzi. The Xhibitionist features evening lumination with the help of OceanLED, which ensures the boat will still steal all of the attention at night.

    With upscale décor for the interior, the designer phrases it best, stating “this thing has been designed to wantonly, shamelessly, unabashedly and knowingly steal the show.”

    What do you think? Would you like to own the Xhibitionist?