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    Beasts from a Silk Womb


    by Univore

    UNIVORE Beasts From a Silk Womb (2013)

    On February 19, 2013, the second day of the sun's transit through the celestial longitude aligned with the Pisces constellation, UNIVORE will digitally release its third studio album, BEASTS FROM A SILK WOMB. This album will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Emusic and other online retailers.

    Beasts from a Silk Womb is UNIVORE's loose interpretation of the modern and traditional mythologies of the end times, as predicted both by societies' deliberate or incidental adherence to cyclic cosmology and by the frequent overzealous portraits of the rapture phenomenon put forth by multiple religious sects. Beasts From A Silk Womb is the confluence of apocalyptic imagery and the expected human responses of preparation, celebration, and defiance to the end of the world, all of which are proven moot as more such predictions fail into the 21st century.

    The album is thirty-four minutes in length and features eight new original tracks:

    888 (inst.)
    Humanity Family
    Beast From A Silk Womb (inst.)
    Lay The Hands
    That Changes Everything
    Together With You
    Ice Trust (inst.)
    Victory Days (Victory Ways)

    UNIVORE recorded, produced, and mixed all tracks at their home studio, Chubby Luggage, in the East Village neighborhood on the west side of Chicago, formerly a warm, shallow sea pregnant with the now-fossilized plant spores and crinoids of the Silurian period until it all hardened into limestone bedrock. The recording was made with the use of guitars, bass, electric and acoustic, synthesizers, beat sequencers, acoustic drums, an air-conditioner, human voices, and tambourine.