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    Marvel Heroes - Destructibles Trailer


    by FanReviews

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    Check out the Destructibles Trailer for the massively multiplayer online game Marvel Heroes by Gazillion, right here on Fan Reviews.

    Marvel Heroes (originally known as Marvel Universe Online and Marvel Universe) is a browser-based Massively multiplayer online game currently under developement by Gazillion Entertainment, under “Secret Identity Studios” in San Mateo California. The MMORG will be similar to its sister game, Marvel Super Hero Squad Online. Characters such as Iron Man, Captain America, Deadpool and Squirrel Girl will serve as characters that players can unlock in the game. The lead writer of the game is Brian Michael Bendis, who has written a number of major Marvel comics. The plot will revolve around the super villain Doctor Doom and various Marvel superheroes. An official release date of the game is currently unknown.