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    Lure Those Mosquitoes In With SkeeterVac FineTune Baitblocks


    by NorthlineExpress

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    Lure those pesky mosquitoes in with SkeeterVac FineTune Baitblocks! The octenol scented lure attracts many different species of mosquitoes and each lure will last you up to 60 days.

    Very simple to use, remove it from the package, place the bait into the lure well, set your fine tune setting, and then you are ready to let it do it's job. Bait life lasts 3 times longer than competitive brands. You should NOT use Octenol in your SkeeterVac if you live in an area that is predominately inhabited by the Asian Tiger Mosquito. To attract and trap the Asian Tiger mosquito use Lurex attractant.

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