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    Bull Terrier Still Recovering After Doghouse Fire


    by itsrelevant

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    Lucy, a four-year-old bull terrier, was badly hurt when her doghouse caught fire less than a month ago on Jan. 26. Lucy was kept in a makeshift doghouse in her owner's yard, covered with a tarp and warmed with a space heater. When the tarp caught fire, Lucy lost her two puppies and was severely burned.
    The outreach to pets in need organization, or OPIN, stepped in to take responsibility for Lucy and raise money to cover her medical funds after she was brought to a veterinary emergency center in Norwalk.
    Samuel Durkan, Medical Director of VCA Emergency Center, says Lucy suffered burns on more than 50% of her body. He says after almost a month at VCA, Lucy's wounds are expected to be completely healed within the next couple of weeks.
    To keep good spirits, the staff at VCA have been decorating Lucy's bandages almost on a daily basis. Ali Girardi, co-president of Outreach to Pets in Need, says OPIN has received over 200 applications from people interested in adopting Lucy
    Durkan and Girardi say they hope people can learn from incidents like Lucy's.