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    IN THE WORLD PAPERS - Pistorius: 'Because I did not have my legs on, I felt vulnerable'

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    INTERNATIONAL PAPERS, Weds. 20/02/13: Could Oscar Pistorius’ missing legs become a key factor as he tries to convince the magistrate to let him post bail? The Independent investigates. Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal lashes out against China’s online thieves. And the Daily Beast tries out "mantyhose"... in the name of science.
    By Florence VILLEMINOT

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    Some articles from today’s international press review:
    THE INDEPENDENT: Pistorius: “Because I did not have my legs on, I felt vulnerable”

    MAIL AND GUARDIAN: “Gender-based violence: three dead bodies, zero safe space”

    BUSINESS NEWS: Tunisia after Jebali: two alternatives

    INDEPENDENT: “Cyber-assault HQ: how US is under attack from this office in Shanghai”

    WALL STREET JOURNAL: “China’s Online Thieves”

    DAILY BEAST: Mantyhose for a week

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