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    Calls in HK Against Execution of China Domestic Violence Victim


    by NTDTelevision

    Hong Kong activists on Friday urged the Chinese regime to cancel the execution of a victim of domestic violence.

    The group, including representatives from Amnesty International, are protesting the case of Li Yan.

    41-year-old Li from Sichuan province was abused by her husband since 2009. Local authorities failed to help her when she reported the abuse. She was sentenced to death after killing her husband in November 2010.

    [Supporter of Domestic Violence Victim]:
    "The government did not follow up on the abuse she suffered. This is the government's failure to fulfill its obligations in protecting women's rights, and this led to a tragedy."

    According to Amnesty International, Li's husband, Tan Yong, had frequently abused her. He locked her out on the balcony during winter, put out cigarettes on her face, and cut off one of her fingers.

    Li's brother told the New York Times that police declined to help her when she called them after a beating in 2010. They said it was a family matter. A local women's group also refused to help.

    Li was given the death sentence for murder in August 2011 after she beat her beat her husband to death with an airgun.

    China's Supreme People's Court recently approved the execution.

    Li Yan's case has put the spot light on domestic violence in China. According to Human Rights Watch, hundreds of lawyers, scholars and citizens have signed a petition to stop the execution. More have called for Chinese authorities to put in place laws to protect victims of domestic violence.

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