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    Evalena Rose, MetaTherapy Video - Sebastopol, CA - Professional Services


    by SmartShoot

    Evalena Rose, MA, calls her work The Alchemy of Love, see
    Over 33 years, Evalena has evolved a blend of metaphysics, therapeutic practices, spiritual counseling, channeling, and healing work that is multi-dimensional and transformative. Gently, with compassion, she co-creates healing with each person that releases issues and concerns at many levels. People find sessions so effective that they make fast progress toward their goals.

    She does sessions in Sebastopol, CA (USA), occasionally in Oakland, San Francisco or Portland, OR, and works by phone and Skype world-wide. She has channeled or done therapy with people in 22 states and 14 countries.

    Keep checking back for webinars in "Living As An Empath in a Troubled World", intimate communication, and channeling. See YouTube for videos and meditation practices.