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    Jared Posts A Personal: Casual Encounter

    Jared Posts A Personal

    by Jared Posts A Personal

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    Kate Shapiro
    madman5000 has a point. I have one question though. If two men get sexual together does any of them have to date or spend money on the other? Or do the gays not factor into this? There's so much, as a woman, I still have to learn from madman5000.
    By Kate Shapiro3 years ago
    Jared Posts A Personal
    madman5000 for president.
    your video here is wrong, horrible, and not funny at all. the only "mistake" that happens between guys and women when they try to hook up for casual encounters, is when she wrongfully turns him down for sex with her for no reason.
    guys need sex with women to be happy, enjoy life, and want to live, but vice versa is NEVER the case, so women need to give it to guys out of compassion, even if it's immediate and casual. also, the guy shouldn't have to date or spend any money on her at all just to get sex with her. all women are bisexual but they should sexually prefer guys over women since vice versa is the case, and if women get sexual with each other, neither one of them has to date or spend money on the other, so guys sure as hell shouldn't have to do that for women in order to get sex with them.
    women are ignorant and wrong is they wrongfully turn guys down for sex with them for no reason. if anything, there needs to be more foreplay and sex between guys and women, not less of it.
    By madman50003 years ago