Rabbits Damaging Cars at Denver Airport

Geo Beats

by Geo Beats

Rabbits are chewing car wires at a Denver airport.

Such cute, little bunnies - can you ever imagine them being a threat?

Well, people who park at the Denver International airport are finding damaged wires in their parked cars. Bunnies happen to be eating those cables underneath the cars.

The USDA wildlife service removes approximately 100 of the creatures per month, however an airport employee says she sees dozens every morning roaming the grounds and scurrying to hide underneath warm cars. The rabbits target the insulator portion of the ignition cables which contains all of the wiring for the car, meaning it can be a costly fix for the driver.

Airport parking crews plan to fence in the area and install perches for hawks and eagles. Nearby mechanics are coating car wires with coyote urine, a substance that deters the tiny animals from going near the vehicles.

Small animals can wreak havoc on cars. One UK man seemed to be a target for pesky rodents. John Gold encountered a hefty repair bill for his vehicle after a hungry rat chewed through high tension leads in the engine.

Later, he took his car back to garage when mechanics found that the air intake system housed a massive stash of peanuts, which were put there by a squirrel.