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    Future Drones Could Build Skyscrapers

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Future drones could have the capability to build skyscrapers.

    Drone aircrafts are known for their use in military operations, but now architects are hoping that the technology will have a place in the construction of skyscrapers.

    In 2012, a team of Swiss architects built a model structure that experimented with using small aerial drones that were programmed to be part of the construction process.

    The structure was built as part of an installation at the FRAC centre in Orléans, France.

    The design used 15 hundred foam blocks stacked on top of each other reaching a height of over 6 meters.

    Using drones for large scale construction projects would eliminate the need for scaffolding and cranes, and make construction easier in cities where the logistics of building can be difficult.

    However, there are still some developments that need to be made before we will see small aircraft on construction sites.

    Matthias Kohler, one of the architects involved in the project wrote: “… the load capacity of flying machines is limited and the machines’ agility directly depends on their load, the development of high-performance lightweight materials systems both aerially transportable and robotically deployed will be necessary.”