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Couldn't Get To New York Comic-Con? Here's What's Happening In The World Of Comics

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Star of the hit show Comic Store Heroes, Midtown Comic's Thor Parker, filled us in on the latest comic news across the board!When you hear the word Marvel at New York Comic Con, chances are it is followed by the word ‘NOW'! But be careful not to refer to Marvel ‘Now!' as a re-boot or re-launch, according to the publisher's editor-in-chief, Axel Alonso, Marvel is simply hitting the ‘refresh' button.At the official Marvel ‘NOW' Comic Con panel on Friday, a handful of Marvel's major players explained how some of your favorite characters are getting a change of scenery and an attitude adjustment.Marvel's new beginning kicks off with it's flagship title Uncanny Avengers and next month we get Iron Man.Tony Stark, our favorite corporate superhero, will now be accompanied by a mobile armory… ready to create new armor, anywhere in the world, based on the Stark's needs.The first twelve issues will provide story building and an all-new villain!With Thor: God of Thunder we get to travel through time, getting to know old King Thor, current Thor, and young Thor, before he was worthy of wielding an ax.With Captain America you get to see him grow up, learn more about his parents, and see him fight Zola, a villain Marvel re-worked to become a bigger A-level threat.Indestructible Hulk takes a different look at Banner. Marvel's Mark Waid explained that Banner doesn't want his gravestone to read ‘Hulk smash!' The Fantastic 4 will be gone in space for a year, which is just 4 minutes on earth, but before they go, they need recruit a team of ill-prepared misfits to look after earth in FF, or Future Foundation. The team includes Ant Man, Medusa, She Hulk, and the new Miss Thing. DC Comics, home to the likes of Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Watchmen and the Justice League, have big plans for their loyal DC fans.Digital content is all the rage at New York Comic Con, and from what I heard, it isn't trying to replace traditional print methods, in fact it is helping boost sales, both in print and online. Digital content makes it easy to read comics online and on your iOS or Android devices!Dark Horse comics is best known for titles such as Star Wars, Buffy & Hellboy. We had the chance to talk with Dark Horse founder Mike Richardson about the latest news from Dark Horse, including a new title he wrote himself!