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    Top 10 Sci-Fi Movie Battles


    by WatchMojo

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    OK, here's my opinion on each choice:
    10: That is a very fun fight.
    9: That fight should be higher.
    8: Should be off the list. That battle sucked and so did the movie.
    7: Yeah, for a final fight that's good.
    6: That battle was good, but the battle at the outpost is WAY better.
    5: That's a good fight. Certainly better than ANY Transformers battle. Live action wise.
    4: Really? I mean... Really? Of ALL the Star Trek battles, Kirk vs Khan, Enterprise and Excelsior vs the cloaked Klingon ship, even the fight in Nemesis is better than this fight. This fight is short, boring, and isn't even the best fight in that movie.
    3: Odd pick.
    2: Good fight.
    1: Great fight.
    By skullgrinhell3 years ago