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    02/19/2013 IN THE FRENCH PAPERS - They're here! The Beckhams arrive in Paris

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    They're here! The Beckhams arrive in Paris
    FRENCH PAPERS, Tues. 19/02/13: French papers react to a controversial government plan to tax child benefits. Libération takes a road trip through Italy ahead of this weekend's elections and the picture isn't pretty. Also, Findus tries to save its reputation. And the Beckhams arrive in Paris!
    By Florence VILLEMINOT
    Some articles from today's French press review:
    LE PARISIEN: The explosive debate on child benefits
    LE FIGARO: Left and right aren't keen to reform the system
    LA TRIBUNE: Findus tries to disassociate itself from horsemeat scandal
    LIBERATION: Pompeii falls to ruins
    LE PARISIEN: The Beckhams arrive in Paris

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