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    Top 5 Most Hated Video Game Characters (2006-Present)


    by LegacyKIllaHD

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    ★Top 5 Countdown (Spoilers!)★
    - Number 5 - Queen Myrrah - Gears of War 3 - Myrrah is just a ruthless (Explicit), she caused a lot of chaos for Marcus Fenix and the CoG by killing many people including Dom. Even when all the Locust where all dying she stood up acting like she was not defeated, the Marcus stabbed her and killed her.That is why she really is needed in this countdown!
    - Number 4 - The Flood - Halo 3 - These enemies aren't actually one character they are many, they never come with one their is always groups of them together. Whenever your fighting against them you get the sense of Creepiness and Hatred towards. Gladly Master Chief ends them when he blows them to pieces!
    - Number 3 - Dominic (Commander) Lockhart - Crysis 2 - The Human Antagonist in Crysis 2 caused Hell for Alactraz successor of Prophet when he betrayed Hargreave and attempted to kill Alcatraz and the nanosuit, what ended up happening is that Alcatraz would kill Lockhart by throwing him too his death!
    - Number 2 - General Shepherd - CoD: MW2 - The real reason why he is in this countdown is because of his selfishness and betrayal on Task Force 141. When he kills Ghost and Roach, that was the real changing point on how people looked at Shepherd luckily Soap and Price get revenge when they kill him with a throwing knife to the left eye.
    - Number 1 - Dimitri Rascalov - Grand Theft Auto IV - When he betrays Niko in an ugly fashion many gamers felt like killng him sadly that doesn't happen till the close end. Dimitri caused many problems throughout the game, Rockstar did a great job at making him the antagonist and for their job they get Dimitri at the number one spot!