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    Sapience, its eponymous product, enables companies to achieve 15%, 20% or even greater gains in work output. This is achieved without requiring any change in process or additional management overhead. Sapience is an enterprise class product that supports automated deployment and upgrades, and it connects to the organization’s internal applications such as ERP and HRIS for maximum benefit. Detailed analytics of work time is possible on multiple enterprise dimensions such as verticals, domains, technologies (for projects and business units), and roles, skills, and locations (for employees and teams).

    Sapience remains the only product available globally that delivers enterprise class automated time/effort analytics. The company’s closest competition is from the several employee monitoring tools in the market. These include products such as RescueTime, ManicTime, oDesk, Cyclops 360, and so on. They are primarily used to track user time on applications and websites, on a daily basis. They provide some aggregation of time on different application categories, user time on weekly and monthly bases, and group level statistics. Some of them even capture screen shots, and many of them support installation of the tracking agent by stealth. However, they all deliver only limited insights about collective effort, and are not designed for the variations and scale required by medium and large enterprises.

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