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    Lucinda Bassett

    Lucinda Bassett

    by Lucinda Bassett

    Truth Be Told - A Memoir of Success, Suicide and Survival

    A few years ago, Lucinda Bassett's husband and business partner, David, committed suicide after an agonizing year's struggle with mental illness. Lucinda and her children were devastated. Unbelievably, within just a few months of his death, she
    lost her brother, and then her mother. And to add to the overwhelming anguish she was already experiencing, Lucinda was then forced to sell her business during an economic downturn. In this gripping account, Bassett digs deep inside herself to uncover the patterns of guilt, blame, anger, and shame she experienced throughout her life, and how
    they resurfaced and related to these horrific and painful recent tragedies. Her remarkable story is one of complete and candid intimacy, personal introspection, courage, pain, perseverance, and, ultimately, healing.

    From bestselling author and self-help guru Lucinda Bassett, comes an intimate and empowering memoir. Truth Be Told- A Memoir of Success, Suicide and Survival
    Available Mach 1, 2013

    Available for pre-order