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China Bans TV Ads for Luxury Goods

5 years ago443 views


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China bans TV ads for luxury goods.

TV ad bans usually pertain to nudity or offensive language. Well, China recently banned advertisements for bling.

Luxury goods will no longer make appearances on state radio and television channels. The goal is to curtail corruption from lavish gift giving, and to ease rising social frustrations between poor and wealthy households.

According to the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, the showcasing of high-end product ads “publicized incorrect values and helped create a bad social ethos.” The ban pertains to commercials for rare gold coins, stamps and shiny, expensive watches.

In 2012, China was deemed to be the world's largest luxury market - it remains to be seen if this ban would have any impact.

Last year, Iranian authorities asked for a television ban on chickens. Due to a tough economy, prices were raised and there were high inflation rates on all sorts of products.

Law enforcement officers warned that movie scenes showing chicken meals could prompt impoverished classes to attack the privileged, who could still afford it.