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    Zombie Teddy Bears Are Coming

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Check out these zombie teddy bears.

    Sweet and cuddly teddy bears are a dime a dozen. But a talented British illustrator, Phillip Blackman gives a unique spin to them.

    He describes his creations as “Horrifically cute teddy bears hand zombified into quirky gifts for the zombie lover in your life. Each one a unique disturbing vision of fluffy gore.”

    Blood, internal body parts and bared teeth play recurring roles in the bear display. Dubbed Undead Teds, there are several stuffed creatures geared towards Valentine’s Day.

    All of the bears have ripped their own hearts out of their chests and hold them in their right paws. The chest area is covered in blood with additional smears on the face and body. The midsection is also wide open, exposing bones and inner bodily gore.

    One of the bears showcases protruding, monster-like teeth stemming out from the side of its mouth. Blackman claims the bears are “ repurposed soft toys transformed into fluffy, bloody horrors to keep you awake at night.”

    How do you like them?