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    Suspects Abduct Man for a Trip to McDonald's

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    by Geo Beats

    Suspects abduct a man for a trip to McDonald's.

    How much do you crave fast food?

    Three men from Waitara, New Zealand apparently had an unusually strong craving.

    The men all in their early 20’s, approached a security van driver and ordered him to drive them to a nearby McDonald’s restaurant for food. Afterwards they ordered the frightened vehicle operator to drive them home.

    After dropping off the suspects, the unharmed driver alerted police of the incident which lasted about an hour. No weapons were used during the ordeal and surprisingly no money was stolen.

    The three men were arrested and charged with kidnapping.

    In another bizarre report, thieves picked the wrong car to carjack. A Corvette owner, Randolph Bean, from Florida had been parked when two men demanded he get out of his expensive vehicle and lay on the ground.

    Bean states "They apparently couldn't start it. I had to tell him four different times to push in the clutch, because it's a standard transmission". The would-be thieves soon gave up and took off on foot.