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    17-Year-Old Arrested for Impersonating Doctor

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    A 17-year-old is arrested after impersonating a doctor.

    A 17-year-old male in Australia was recently arrested after posing as a medical professional.

    The teen frequented Royal Adelaide Hospital, commonly wearing scrubs and carrying a chart. He had been spotted reading patients’ medical notes and speaking to people in and around the facility.

    The boy was also reportedly witnessed on the street offering first aid to the public and in other hospitals. He had reportedly been dismissed for “inappropriate behavior” while working as an ambulance volunteer.

    Police had talked to the boy on numerous occasions but could not arrest him because no crime had been committed. His most recent act landed him in cuffs after he helped a 12-year-old child who had fallen off of her scooter.

    The wannabe doctor gave her an unauthorized drug, resulting in charges of aggravated assault and identity theft along with unlawfully administering a prescription.

    Last year, another 17-year-old, Matthew Scheidt faced charges of impersonating a physician assistant and practicing medical care without a license in Florida. In 2011 he had worked in a hospital emergency room.

    Over the course of several days, he performed CPR, examined a child, and undressed and restrained a psychiatric patient.