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    101-Year-Old Marathon Runner to Retire After Final Race

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A 101-year-old marathon runner gets ready to retire.

    In 2011, a 100-year-old man, Fauja Singh was declared the world's oldest runner to complete a marathon.

    Singh, a British citizen, is known as the “Turbaned Tornado” for his consistent marathon runs. Now, he has decided that February 24th, 2013 will be the date of his final race.

    Following the Hong Kong Marathon, Singh will officially retire from competitive running.

    Although his status as a competitor will soon be over, Singh states “Running is my life. I will keep running to inspire the masses. I will keep running for at least four hours daily after that.”

    The elderly man will be leaving behind quite a legacy for athletes old and young. In 2012, Singh was granted the privilege of carrying the Olympic torch on July 21st.

    He covered the London Borough of Newham while surrounded by hundreds of supporters. Shockingly, he hasn’t been running for as long as you might think. He took it up while in his late 80s.