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    New Company Will Tell You How Smart Is Your Dog

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A new company tells you how smart your is your dog.

    Have you ever wondered how smart your pet dog is?

    A new company called Dognition has formulated a series of tests to figure out how smart your canine is in several different areas like memory and navigation.

    For a 60 dollar fee Dognition will let dog owners use a set of videos to test their dog’s intelligence, and then analyze the results of the tests.

    They are going to use the data as part of their research on dog intelligence and part of the proceeds go towards animal behavior research.

    Dognition was started by Duke University professor Brian Hare who said: “what you’re paying for, is the technology and expertise and the time that went into developing this new way that you can find out instantly about your dog in your own home.”

    Dogs have several different kinds of intellect.

    For example, dogs are known to be smart enough to learn verbal commands and follow physical cues, but they are not so smart when it comes to things like knowing when their leash is caught on a tree or sign post.

    Would you pay to see how smart your dog is?