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    Living Bacteria Found Deep Under the Ice in Antarctica

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    Living bacteria found under the ice in Antarctica.

    Scientists have officially discovered a living bacterial organism deep under the ice in Antarctica.

    There are hundreds of subglacial lakes that exist in Antarctica, and researchers have been studying them to see if they contain any microscopic forms of life.

    Half a mile underneath the ice is Lake Whillans, where scientists took a sample of the water and sediment in search of living cells.

    Lab tests show that they have found a living organism that is able to metabolize energy.

    The question remains as to how the microscopic life form sustains itself, and if it is part of a larger ecosystem.

    There have been previous attempts to find life in the extreme conditions that exist in Antarctica, but this is the first confirmation of life that has been found.

    A team of Russian research scientists drilled through over two miles of ice to reach Lake Vostok, the largest and deepest of Antarctica’s subglacial lakes, but their frozen water samples did not contain any native microbial life.

    The latest discovery will help scientists understand the kind of life forms that might exist in harsh environments like on other planets.