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    90-Year-Old Throws Punches at Bouncer and Police

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    A 90-year-old throws punches at a bar bouncer and police officers.

    Young 20-somethings getting into a fight probably doesn’t deliver much shock value. Recently, however, an elderly man allegedly got into a physical altercation with a bouncer. Shockingly, the spunky suspect is 90-years-old.

    The incident occurred in the early morning hours at a bar in Canberra, Australia.
    According to local police, the male began fighting with bar security staff before punching a bouncer. Officers immediately responded to the scene and claimed the man appeared to be ‘agitated’.

    While he was being led away by law enforcement personnel, the 90-year-old male tried to punch and kick officers. He is now facing three charges of common assault.

    Another report proves not to mess with a feisty, elderly person. Last year, 80-year-old Otilia Martins was shopping at her son-in-law's store when two thieves entered the shop and demanded money from the clerk.

    One suspect pointed a revolver, so Martins tossed several mangoes and a bag of apples at the gunman. She even tried to stop them from leaving, resulting in a non-serious blow to her head from the weapon.