Beef in UK May Have Contained Donkey Meat

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Fraudulent beef probably contained donkey meat.

Horse meat in beef labeled products on grocery store shelves in Europe has been a major news story in the past several weeks.

Now, in a new report, the beef replacement may not only be from horses but donkeys as well.

According to a French politician, the fraudulent cases of horse meat may be attributed to a law which banned horse-drawn carts from traveling on Romanian roads. The ban also pertained to donkey-drawn carts

Apparently using animals as methods of transport was once common, but it is believed that hundreds of thousands of the animals were sent to the slaughterhouse after the 6 year old law was recently enacted. French government authorities claim that they will not hesitate to press charges against two French meat handling companies if it is evident they were aware of the fraud.

British Environment Secretary Owen Paterson states “This is a case of fraud and a conspiracy against the public, this is a criminal action, substituting one material for another.”

Earlier this year, horse and pig DNA was found in hamburgers that were being sold in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Using DNA testing, the Food Safety Authorities discovered that out of 27 different beef products, 10 items were found to have horsemeat in them, and 23 had traces of pig DNA.