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    Plastic Surgery in Pet Industry Booming

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    by Geo Beats

    Plastic surgery in the pet industry is booming.

    Plastic surgery is a growing part of the pet industry business.

    Through the use of Botox injections and corrective surgery, Doctor Edgard Brito, a pet plastic surgeon working in São Paulo, Brazil, alters the appearance of dogs to fit the owner’s idea of what they should look like, or to help them overcome physical problems.

    From fixing droopy ears to face lifts, Brito has done work on thousands of pets, with prices for surgery averaging in the 500 to 1 thousand dollar range.

    During 2011, dog owners in the US spent a reported 62 million dollars on plastic surgery for their pets.

    Many procedures are not cosmetic, but are part of improving the dog’s quality of life.

    Some breeds like pug dogs, have scrunched faces that can affect their breathing and a nose job can actually help them.

    Another kind of popular animal cosmetic surgery is something called Neuticles, which are silicone implants meant to replace the testicles of neutered dogs.

    Over 425 thousand dogs have Neuticle implants.

    Dogs have also been getting braces to straighten their teeth in a procedure known as the Rin Tin Grin.

    What do you think? Would you get plastic surgery for your pet?