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    Owl Stuck in Grill of Woman's SUV

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    A owl gets stuck in the grill of a woman's SUV.

    Where was the last time you spotted an owl?

    A woman in Plantation, Florida had been driving about 60 miles per hour on the turnpike when she noticed an owl in front of her vehicle.

    Panicked, she realized there was not enough time to stop. It was very dark and the woman assumed that her SUV had struck the owl.

    The next day, she was running errands when a family flagged her down and alerted her that an owl was stuck in the front grill of her vehicle.

    Florida Fish and Wildlife authorities were later able to free the bird and shockingly the owl appeared to have no injuries.

    Last year, a female pooch survived after getting stuck in the grill of a Toyota Camry and traveling 11 miles before being pulled out. The male driver of the car saw the dog and hit his brakes, but continued on when he didn’t feel the vehicle strike anything.
    Nearly a dozen miles down the road, another motorist spotted the frightened dog in the car's grill and alerted the driver.