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    Police Raid Based on Facebook Picture of Toy Gun

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Police raid a residence over a mortar tube toy.

    Police chases don’t always involve supercharged cars. Recently, a man from Georgia allegedly stole a Krispy Kreme delivery truck from a gas station.

    A police chase soon followed with officers trailing after the vehicle across Gwinnett County. The illegal driver ignored signals to pull over.

    The suspect drove erratically, speeding through several red lights, forcing another motorist off of the road and driving off of the street a few times. The chase reached speeds to up 70 miles per hours before the truck struck a mailbox.

    The male driver got out of the vehicle and attempted to take off on foot, but he was soon caught up with and apprehended. The man was identified as 45-year-old James Freddy Major.

    He is being charged with several felonies and traffic violations. Police believe he was under the influence of alcohol. Major is no stranger to the law as he has been arrested 11 times in the county since 1999.

    In 2007, officers in Wisconsin were busy chasing another stolen Krispy Kreme truck. A dash cam showed donuts flying out the back of the vehicle.

    Police eventually apprehended the suspect who they claim was intoxicated. Oddly, the drunk driver’s last name was Whitelightning.