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    Sony Plans an Electronic Pillow That Will Wake You Up

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    Sony seeks a patent for an electronic, sleep mode tracking pillow.

    Almost everything in our lives is ridden with technology. Our pillows are headed down that route too.

    Sony recently applied for a patent, involving a pillow filled with electrodes which will monitor brain waves. The pillow detects when the user enters and leaves the REM period which usually accounts for about 25% of our total amount of sleep.

    The pillow is outfitted with a timer which starts when someone begins a brief nap.When that person leaves the REM stage, an alarm goes off which will wake them at precisely the right moment.

    While Sony's high-tech pillow is a future concept, there are other unusual sleeping contraptions currently in the market. A near life-like pillow, sold by Deluxe Comfort named the Boyfriend pillow sells on

    Constructed to look like a man’s body and arm, it can wrap around you like your favorite guy. Decked out in a blue button-down shirt, it’s made out of polyester and offers comfort while sleeping or as a neck roll after a long day at work.