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    Woman Throws Used Tampon at Officer

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    A woman throws a used tampon at a corrections officer.

    Folks in law enforcement have to deal with a lot of bizarre stuff. A Minnesota woman is facing a felony charge following a disgusting incident.

    21-year-old, Cheryel Mack was first arrested after she allegedly fought with a woman at a bar, and then kicked a private security guard. When police officers arrived on scene, she had already detained by the security guard and was seemingly drunk.

    Mack was taken to the nearby jail where she was told to remove her clothing for a strip-search. This is when things got nasty. She removed a tampon and threw it at a jail guard.

    She missed the human target and kicked the used feminine product in another officer’s direction. Those acts landed her a fourth-degree felony assault for throwing bodily fluids at correctional personnel.

    In 2011, a barmaid in Australia, Rebecca Leigh Crimmins pleaded guilty to common assault after she threw a tampon at a McDonald’s drive through worker as a prank. Crimmins lost her job in light of the incident and said the whole ordeal was blown out of proportion.

    Although she claimed the tampon was soaked in juice and not blood, the victim says “She deserves everything she gets. She's got no one to blame but herself."