100 Years Ago Today - February 18, 1913

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Here are 5 news stories from around the world 100 years ago.

What was happening in the world one hundred years ago?

Hi this is Matt and here are 5 New York Times headlines from February 18th, 1913.

Number 5 - Technology is one of the clear differentiators between 2013 and 1913. Today, we are used to instant communications. Those days, it was a luxury and not exactly instant. The Western Union Telegraph Company had launched a new night service for sending letters by wire. You could send fifty words at night for the price of ten words sent in the day.

Number 4 - A large part of the US was experiencing blizzard conditions. In the headline, notice how to-day is written with a dash in between. The report also gives us a glimpse not only into daily life, but also the language expression back then with this description. 'The promised snow had not come late last night but the misty rain which had sifted down all afternoon and pattered down more briskly toward nightfall, froze thinly on the streets and sidewalks, making walking more difficult.'

Number 3 - Ofcourse there were no TVs, no internet, no iPads to entertain kids. A record player was the hot gadget. An ad suggested if you had a child in your home and $5 in your pocket, then you too could entertain your family by buying a record player. Apparently you also needed to check the fine print back then, as it revealed the true cost with additional monthly payments!

Number 2 - What we see today on television or in the theaters was referred to as the talking picture in its earliest days and a headline noted 'New York Applauds the Talking Picture.' Thomas Edison had called his invention the Kinetophone. The public was apparently impressed and the debut a success with the article mentioning “the little gasps of astonishment and the chorus of ‘Ain't that something wonderful?" that could be heard on all sides.”

Number 1 - These days, we hear more about stray cats and dogs being adopted. In a bizarre story from 100 years ago, the fireman of Engine Company 40 had taken in a stray monkey. The report described the monkey's low maintenance demeanor - He has already learned how to slide down the pole from the sleeping quarters above. When he gets hungry he goes out to the
neighboring flats, coming back only when his hunger has been satisfied.