People Suffering From Bizarre Phobias of Seeds and Holes

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Web reports of seeds and hole phobia are increasing.

Many people have a phobia of something - snakes, spiders, heights, bridges – take your pick.

More and more cases of a seemingly bizarre phobia are surfacing online.

Referred to as Trypophobia, it translates to a fear of holes, pods or cracks, especially when seen in clusters. The fear usually pertains to food items like Swiss cheese, cantaloupe and crumpets, where seed clusters and holes take dominance.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders does not recognize the phobia, however that’s not stopping an increasing amount of internet users from posting pictures on sites like Reddit and Instagram and sharing their symptom-like feelings including nausea and anxiety.

Although the fears seem real, many people aren’t buying it as an official phobia. A psychiatrist at the University of California, San Francisco, Carol Mathews believes the internet reports concerning Trypophobia are fueled by the power of suggestion and imagination.

Here’s another odd phobia. Last year, a college student named Hannah Matthews was going through counseling due to her overwhelming fear of buttons.
Called Koumpounophobia, it is a scientific condition causing sufferers to panic while in the presence of the small, harmless clothing mechanisms.