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    Court Charges After Man 'Makes Love' to Ambulance

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Court charges are filed after a man 'makes love' to an ambulance.

    Some of the dirty laundry that gets aired in a courtroom is actually comical.

    The Magistrates' Court in Barnstaple, United Kingdom recently heard about the action of 25-year-old, Calum Ward.

    An incident occurred back in November, when Ward was witnessed by police in a bus station, seemingly intoxicated. He told officers he was going home to sober up. (1,3,1)

    However the man was later witnessed on surveillance setting fire to a bag of peanuts and punching the package. Ward then approached an ambulance and spread his body on the vehicle. A police officer stated “"It looks as though he is attempting to make love to the front of the ambulance." (1,6,1)

    He was sentenced to community service along with a supervision requirement. (1, last)

    Ward isn’t the only one who’s encountered some embarrassment due to alcohol. A perfect example is the case of 35-year-old, Sean Carl Payne who was arrested for public intoxication.
    Payne was reportedly so drunk, he had to have his head held up by a police officer, just for the few seconds it takes to snap a mugshot photo. The officer's arm is clearly shown in the picture, with his hand planted in the middle on Payne's forehead. (2, previous script)