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    Parents Arrested After Child Discovered to Have Roach in Ear

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    Parents are arrested after a child was discovered to have a roach in his ear.

    A Florida couple was recently arrested after several incidents involving their son.

    On one occasion, a cockroach was discovered in the 9-year-old boy’s ear. 32-year-old Robert Forbes and 33-year-old Christina Forbes are now facing charges of child abuse. (1,2,1)

    Workers at the child’s school became concerned when the boy badly smelled of cat urine. He was also denied medical attention and wore the same pair of pull-ups to school several times. (1,3,1)

    Shockingly, a cockroach was found in his ear in September and another time, the creepy crawlers were seen coming out of his backpack. (1,2,1) Upon investigation, the couple’s home was said to be in atrocious conditions, which jeopardized the child’s safety. He has been placed in an alternative care.

    Last year, a couple was in legal trouble following a complaint. Investigators arrived at the residence in Texas and found a rotting dead horse along with other abused animals. (2,7,1)

    Even worse, a 16-month-old baby was discovered in the filthy house with animal carcasses around her. (2,3,1) There were cockroaches crawling near her and she was covered in tick and flea bites. (3,4,1) The baby was placed in protective custody.