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    NEW Zombie Map YOTES LAIR (Sprinter Version) | Complete Playthrough & Buyable Ending Part 3


    by ESSOfps

    "FIRST FOOTAGE OF BUYABLE ENDING ON YOU TUBE" Now that this map is %99 complete and Yoteslaya has brought you the first look at this map on his channel I have been given the permission to upload anything I want on this map being one of the main BETA testers so why not a complete playthrough on me playing this map on solo and attempting to beat it hope you enjoy please leave a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE and check out my channel for much more Custom Zombies.

    Yoteslaya's channel:

    Massive SHOUT OUT to ZCT xCHAOSx the man behind the map who I thank for giving me the chance to help test this map and for continuing what you do best and that's making Custom Zombie Maps.

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