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    Nintendo 64, Nintendo 64DD, and Tristar 64 System Review


    by Gamester81

    My system collection. Be sure to subscribe and send in requests if you'd like to see a review on any of these below.


    Magnavox Odyssey
    Atari Super Pong
    Magnavox Odyssey 200
    Magnavox Odyssey 300
    Wonder Wizard 7702
    Wonder Wizard Bulls Eye-Boxed
    Fairchild F-Boxed
    RCA Studio II-Boxed
    Nintendo TV Games 15-Boxed
    Bandai TV Jack-Boxed
    Toshiba TVG-610-Boxed
    Coleco Telestar Colortron-Boxed
    Sears Telegames (Six switch)-Boxed
    Atari 2600 Woody
    Atari 2600 Vader
    Atari 2600 Jr.
    Starpath Supercharger
    Sears Video Arcade II (aka Atari 2800)
    Coleco Gemini
    Magnavox Odyssey 2 with voice box-Boxed
    Bally Home Computer later became the Astrocade (very first run)-Boxed
    Mattel Intellivision
    Mattel Intellivision II
    Radio Shack Tandyvision-Boxed
    Sears Super Video Arcade
    Atari 5200 (four port)
    Emerson Arcadia 2001
    Colecovision with expansion modules 1 & 2
    GEC Vectrex Boxed
    Nintendo Famicom
    Nintendo Famicom disk drive
    Sega SG-1000 Mark II-Boxed
    Dina 2 in 1-New in Box
    NES toaster-boxed with Complete ROB, The Powerglove, and Miracle Piano System
    NES 2 toploader
    Sega Master System
    Sega Master System II
    Atari 7800
    Atari XEGS-Boxed
    Sharp Twin Famicom (red)
    Action Max
    Sega Genesis-Boxed
    Sega Genesis II
    Megesto Genesis 3
    Sega Power Base Converter
    NEC PC Engine
    NEC Core Grafx
    NEC Turbo Grafx 16-Boxed
    NEC Turbo Grafx cd attachment
    NEC Turbo Duo-Boxed
    NEC Super Grafx
    Fujitsu FM Towns Marty
    Neo Geo AES-Boxed
    Neo Geo CDZ
    Amstrad GX4000
    Super Famicom
    Super Famicom Jr
    Super Nintendo-Boxed
    Super Nintendo 2
    Super Gameboy
    Funtech Super A'Can
    Philips CDi
    Sega CD
    Sega CD II
    Sega 32X-Boxed
    Sega CDX
    JVC Xeye
    Atari Jaguar-Boxed
    Atari Jaguar CD
    Sega Pico
    Amiga CD32-Boxed
    Panasonic 3DO
    Panasonic 3DO FZ-1
    Goldstar 3DO
    Memorex VIS
    Pioneer Laseractive with Genesis module
    VTech Socrates
    Bandai Playdia-Boxed
    Sega Saturn
    Victor Saturn (Japan)
    Apple Bandai Pippin Worldmark Boxed
    Casio Loopy
    Nintendo 64 Boxed
    Nintendo 64DD-Factory sealed in box
    Tristar 64 Boxed
    Sega Dreamcast-Boxed
    Sony Playstation
    Sony PSone with LCD screen
    Polystation 2
    Sonly Playstation 2 slim
    Nintendo Gamecube with LCD screen
    Gamecube with GBA player
    Panasonic Q-Boxed
    Microsoft Xbox with LCD Screen-boxed
    Nintendo IQue-Boxed
    Atari Flashback-Boxed
    Atari Flashback 2-Boxed
    Toshiba SD-2300 (Nuon technology)
    GO GO TV System-Boxed
    Nintendo Wii -Boxed
    Net Jet
    Xbox 360 with LCD screen-Boxed
    Sony Playstation 3 with LCD screen-Boxed
    Mattel Hyperscan
    VTech VFlash-Boxed
    Polystation 2-Boxed
    Multicart game controller
    Messiah Generation NEX-Boxed
    Commodore Plug in Play
    FC Twin-Boxed
    FC Dual-Boxed
    GN Twin-Boxed
    Retro Duo-Boxed
    Gen X-Boxed
    Family Boy
    Factor 5-Boxed
    Chintendo Vii-Boxed
    Zone Wireless-Boxed
    Treamcast (portable Dreamcast)-Boxed

    Vintage Computers:

    Coleco Adam Computer w/printer
    Mattel Aquarius-Boxed
    Apple IIc w/printer & monitor
    Apple Macintosh SE
    Commodore VIC-20
    Commodore 64 w/floppy drive, cassette player & printer
    Commodore SX 64
    Atari 400
    Texas Instruments TI-99/4A
    Casio MX-10 MSX


    Milton Bradley Microvision
    Mattel Basketball
    Mattel Football
    Coleco Baseball
    Coleco Football
    Wildfire Pinball
    Mario Cement Factory Game & Watch
    Coleco Donkey Kong mini arcade
    Tiger-Jordan Vs Bird
    Gameboy Pocket
    Gameboy Light (Japan release only)
    Gameboy Color
    Gameboy Advance
    Gameboy eReader
    Gameboy Micro Limited Edition Famicom version
    Gameboy Advance SP Limited Edition NES version
    Atari Lynx-Boxed
    Atari Lynx II
    NEC Turbo Express with TV Tuner
    Game Gear with TV Tuner- Boxed
    Sega Master system adapter for Game Gear
    Watara Supervision-Boxed
    Tiger R-Zone
    Sega Nomad
    Virtual Boy-Boxed Pocket Pro
    Neo Geo Pocket Color
    Bandai Wonderswan
    N-Gage QD-Boxed
    Tapwave Zodiac-Boxed
    Sony PSP
    Sony PSP Slim-Boxed
    FC Mobile Boxed
    Nintendo DS
    Nintendo DS Lite
    Coleco Playpal
    Onestation Elite-Boxed
    VTech Smile Pocket
    VG Pocket
    VG Pocket Tablet
    VG Pocket Max
    Gameking II
    Portable Media Player