Syrians say scud missile left massive crater in Aleppo


by Reuters

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A crater locals say was the result of a scud missile attack in Aleppo, in this latest video posted to a social media website whose content Reuters cannot indepedently verify. In Damascus, the fighting shows no signs of letting up. Rebel fighters are working to drive the army from this military base --- firing on it with tanks they've commandeered. Fighter jets soared over the capital--- pounding the rebel neighborhood of Daraya into a heap of rubble.

In Geneva, UN investigators pushed for the the body to refer war crimes to the International Criminal Court.

SOUNDBITE: U.N. Investigator Carla Del Ponte saying:

"It's time to react now. After two years, it's incredible that the Security Council don't take a decision and I am much more explicitly than Paolo (Pinheiro), I would say a referral of justice must be imminent, urgent, because crimes are continuing committed in Syria and the number of victims are increasing day to day, so justice must be done."

Investigators say they've identified high level Syrians they believe are responsible for war crimes. The report, say Del Ponte, is based on more than 445 interviews. It also comes as the death toll in Syria approaches 70,000 people.