Building Africa - Architecture of a Continent

Fernando Buzi
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"Africa is vast: at over 31 million square kilometers it's bigger than Europe, United States, China and India put together. Yet, despite it's immensity, it's often assumed that, South of the Sahara, Africa is an architectural waste land."

This is how this 2005 BBC Four documentary about African Architectural heritage begins. Narrated by the renowned Architect David Adjaye, it is a video truly worth watching.

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Wow. Very informative. I wish you could have visited more of the pastoral settings. And explored examples of urban design prior to the European and Islamic conquest - such as Zimbabwe (briefly touched upon), ancient Kemit (Egypt) and the royal structures in Kumase. In all cases it would be interesting to understand how culture, social structure, topology and spiritual principles have influenced these places.
Por Kofi Ofori el año pasado