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    How to Chunk your Messages. Part 11_ Speak Global English Series (Heather Hansen)


    by HeatherHansen


    Speak Global English Series
    Part 11:
    Chunking your messages

    In addition to your consonant and vowel sounds, the final way you can ensure that your message is always understood is to group your words into smaller chunks of information, separated by pauses or a change in tone.

    If you speak in one long, uninterrupted stream, it is harder for the listener to understand your meaning and figure out which parts of your message are the most important.

    Let's take a look at an example sentence:
    Last year was a record-breaking year for our company.

    First we'll break it into chunks:
    Last year//was a record-breaking year//for our company.
    2 pauses, 3 chunks.

    Now we need to find the most important word in each chunk and emphasize it more than the others:
    Last YEAR//was a RECORD-breaking year//for our COMPANY.

    Now to say it naturally:
    Last year was a record-breaking year for our company.

    By chunking your messages, you can create more rhythm and fluency in your speech -- and make people WANT to listen to you.

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