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    A voice worth listening to. Part 15_ Speak Global English Series (Heather Hansen)


    by HeatherHansen


    Speak Global English Video Series
    Part 15:
    A Voice Worth Listening To

    Have you ever heard a speaker who was actually really interesting, but you just couldn't seem to hold your eyes open? Most likely they had a monotonous voice or they just didn't seem very interested in what they were saying.

    Make sure you speak with a voice worth listening to. You need to have vocal variety -- those ups and downs in tone that make people want to hear more.

    Here are some tips for vocal variety:
    1. Slow down and emphasize important words

    The faster you speak, the harder it is to have any variety in your tone and everything will start to sound the same. Slow down and emphasize the important words in your sentences. You'll notice that your voice rises slightly on important words giving more dimension to your message.

    2. Make sure your energy is up

    If you sound like you are bored by what you're saying, everyone else will think you're boring too. Remember how closely your emotions and voice are linked. Manage your emotions and energy levels, and you'll be able to better manage your voice as well.

    3. Project your voice

    Sometimes the problem is just that the voice is too calm and quiet. Make sure that you speak from your diaphragm and project your voice out to your audience.

    Try to add some energy and enthusiasm to your voice when you speak and people will be more interested in listening.

    To learn more about how you can enhance your voice, or if you'd like to introduce these concepts to people in your company, visit for information on training opportunities. Or, come join the Global English revolution at